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Pentlebay is based in Hertfordshire in the UK. All Pentlebay clothes are designed & stocked in the UK.


Sustainability at Pentlebay

Brand principles

Quite simply, we aim to be as sustainable a business as possible. We consider all the things we do to try and operate in an eco-friendly and humane manner, and are always looking at ways we can improve in the future. We want to be completely transparent about where our clothes are made and who made them so that you, as a customer, have the information before you buy and can feel happy to shop with us.

Unlike some fashion brands, Pentlebay makes sure our brand principles are applied throughout our entire supply chain. We have a very limited supply base who we regularly speak with and validate. We check and confirm their credentials and ethical working practices including ensuring a safe working environment with no child or forced labour.

Slow fashion

With thousands of clothing items being mass-produced and subsequently discarded for brands, these items end up in our water, our land, or burned to release harmful gasses into the atmosphere. With new frequent trends, large quantities of unsold or defective clothing makes its way to landfill.

We are a small brand that makes unique clothing and we don’t mass produce. We buy no more than 150 items of every line we sell so - in addition to being an environmental win - you know you are not going to turn up to an event in the same dress!

We produce pieces that are multifunctional, timeless and well-made which means that clothes can be worn for way longer and feel just like new, rather than being thrown out after a few good wears.

We do not send anything to landfill, nor do we destroy any item of unsold or defective clothing. We will offer up older lines in sales and clearance events, and if there is anything left over, we will donate the garments to charity. Due to our quality procedures, the amount of defective clothing we produce is minimal. Anything that we cannot sell, if it is wearable, will be donated to charity. If we do have any cases where an item of clothing cannot be worn (or repaired to be worn), the fabric itself will be donated to a textile recycling charity to be made into something useful.

Sustainable fabrics

Some brands continue to use polyester which, although inexpensive, is a synthetic plastic that does not biodegrade. It contributes to increasing levels of clothing waste which will not break down and also finds its way into waterways and associated ecosystems as harmful microplastics.

We only choose our clothing to be made from sustainable natural fibres such as cotton or viscose. These are plant based and biodegradable. Also, you can throw it in the wash without fear of adding to the microplastics in the ocean. Because it’s so hard-wearing, if you take care of your cotton or viscose garment, it could well last a couple of decades. And even then, we would still advocate you follow our brand principles of donating to charity or recycling the textiles for ongoing use.

We will always strive to be a zero harm, zero waste sustainable business both to protect the environment, the people who work with us and the customers who buy from us.

Thank you Pentlebay heart

Clare, Pentlebay Founder

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