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How To Wear It

Midi skirts

How to wear midi skirts

There are endless ways to wear a midi skirt.

In addition to being universally flattering, the midi skirt is a key part of an easy, compliment-worthy outfit. It works for any age, shape, or size so I really wanted to include some of these wardrobe staples in our latest range. Perfect for any season and easy to dress up or down - just like our midi dresses.

What can you pair it with this season?

Jumpers can be fully tucked in to define the waist if they are a more fitted style with a thinner knit. Try a french tuck - just tuck in the front and leave the back untucked - if it's a looser, more slouchy style. Plain colours such as cream and black work perfectly here. Add a blazer for an extra layer and to give a polished edge. Try chunky lace-up ankle boots that look great for autumn / winter or a longer style to cut out any bare leg. If opting for tights, try sheer rather than heavier deniers.

Midi skirt with jumper
Midi skirt, t-shirt and jacket

T-shirts can be fully tucked in and paired with some trainers - either a simple white plimsoll style or sporty runners - this works perfectly for summer. When it’s colder, add a leather jacket or blazer. A biker / leather jacket works well to help emphasise the waist. If you are opting for a coat - longer lengths are better ideally longer or the same length as the skirt.

A denim shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that can be tucked into the skirt for a different vibe. This can be casual with boots or trainers - or try dressing up with heels. Experiment with other blouses or shirts you have to create an outfit that looks great when paired with your midi skirt.

Midi skirt and denim shirt
Clare sign off
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