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Spooky Season

Halloween pumpkins

I’m already in the Halloween spirit, and all that October brings with it! There is always something special in the air at this time of year. The colours and crunching through dry leaves, the annual pumpkin patch visit and pumpkin carving. It’s my daughter’s birthday month and she loves to plan her outfit every year. We always look forward to the trick or treating and are hoping we can do it again this year. The excitement that the sight of spooky pumpkin displays bring, lighting the way to a house that is ‘open’ to giving treats is loved by our kids and their friends. They always return with overflowing buckets of goodies to compare and then tuck into at the end of the night!

It seems that Halloween events are back on the cards in 2021. Our town has a Halloween trail for the little ones and there are numerous Halloween activities put on by many big attractions. English Heritage and the National Trust have many Halloween events advertised.

Alongside this, it got me thinking of suitably spooky places to visit as adults or with slightly older kids! So here are just a selection of some of the creepy castles and haunted houses that I found...

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Said to be the most haunted castle in Britain, Chillingham is claimed to be home to various spectres. The White Pantry Ghost was first spotted by a footman, who’d been locked into the pantry overnight to guard the family silver. He reported her as begging for water and it’s now thought she was a victim of poisoning. There are many ghost tours and you can stroll into the dungeon and the torture chamber but it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon - English Heritage

The castle is owned by English Heritage and listed as one their most haunted castles! Once the seat of the powerful Seymour family, the castle has two reported apparitions – the White Lady and the Blue Lady. The White Lady is said to be Margaret Pomeroy, who’s believed to roam the dungeons of St Margaret’s Tower, where she died after being starved to death by her jealous sister Eleanor. It’s claimed the Blue Lady is the daughter of one of the Norman castle lords and that she lures people into various parts of the castle to get them lost.

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totnes, Devon

Blickling Hall, Norfolk - National Trust

This grand Norfolk residence is home to one of history’s most famous phantoms: Anne Boleyn. Blickling Hall stands on the site of an older medieval manor, which is thought to have been her birthplace. Anne Boleyn, the doomed wife of King Henry VIII is just one of the ghosts believed to reside at Blickling Hall. It’s said she reappears every year, on the anniversary of her execution.

Ham House, Surrey - National Trust

Cold spots, the sound of footsteps and an inexplicable scent of roses have been reported at Ham House in Surrey. This grand house is supposed to be one of the most haunted in the UK. There’s a ghost dog that prowls around and according to investigations there have been many more paranormal activities reported.

Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire - English Heritage

Built on an ancient burial ground, the extraordinary 17th century aristocratic retreat has long had a haunting reputation for the unexplained. Staff reported mysterious footsteps and muffled voices, slamming doors, cold sensations, and even being pushed. This also topped the poll of the spookiest site as voted by English Heritage staff.

Pluckley Village, Kent

It has been said that this village is the most haunted in the UK. The Guinness World Records puts the official figure of ghosts that haunt the village at 12, so visit if you’re brave enough!

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle, Dorset - National Trust

This dramatic, ruined fortress in southern Dorset was the home of the Royalist Bankes family during the civil war. After an act of betrayal, the castle was taken and ever since, the ghostly figure of a headless woman in white – said to be the woman who betrayed the Bankes – has been seen stalking the walls and battlements.

I have visited a couple of these but would love to see some more. Happy Halloween! 🎃

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