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Reasons to love autumn

Autumn hot chocolate

Autumn is finally upon us and although I love summer there are many reasons why autumn is one of the best seasons...

Bask in the sweet scent of pumpkin, be constantly warm and cosy by a fire, and relish in all the new TV shows.

Get cosy

Autumn is the perfect time to embrace all things cosy. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, there's nothing quite like snuggling up with a warm blanket, a good book, or a loved one by the fireplace. No more feeling guilty for staying in!

Great food

In the summer we’re told to be all about things like avocados, smoothies, salads and everything light and healthy. But not in autumn, because it’s all about the stodgy food - the return of a Sunday roast and apple crumbles and the more cheese-and-potato-themed the better!! A pumpkin spice latte marks the beginning of the autumn season.

Leaves and autumn walks

There is something so refreshing about stepping outside and taking a deep breath and the air is cool and sharp. Grab a coffee and take in the colours that nature has to offer. The leaves really are so pretty in big piles of red, orange and brown, plus they make for the best Instagram pictures!

Autumn woods

New TV shows

This goes back to getting cosy - it’s cold and dark outside so no guilt felt from staying in and indulging in all the new shows that start at this time of year. The return of Strictly for one!

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween and Bonfire night

Dressing up and pumpkin carving is always a favourite in our house with the kids, although it’s probably the knocking on doors and requesting strangers to give them sweets and chocolate that they enjoy the most!

The clothes

Feel free to get out your most comfortable jumpers, scarves and big furry hats! Autumn is all about embracing the season's colours and layering. Get cosy!

Closer to Christmas

And who doesn’t love Christmas?...

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