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Outfit tips for a weekend away

Shift dress and jacket

Planning a spring break this year? Here is a useful packing guide to consider, before you start pulling the entire contents of your wardrobe onto the bedroom floor. Forget surplus clothes and mismatched outfits, here are some tips on how to get organised, pack efficiently and without those pointless ‘just-in-case’ items that never leave the suitcase.

Keep in mind all those important, constantly changing, bag weights if you are flying. If you’re driving, catching the train, the same rules apply – multi use items and less is more! With these tips we’ll aim to get you packed into a little 7kg bag or less.

Whether you’re booking a trip to Amsterdam to cruise along the canals, staying in London to check out the art galleries, or having a girlie trip to Folkstone for blustery walks along the cliffs, look no further for some essential packing tips for weekend breaks this spring.

No such thing as bad weather

You know that saying… no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes? Well these clichés are clichés for a reason. You may be able to predict that the weather will be mild during the day and drop a little in temperature at night, but always worth checking the long range weather forecast the week before you leave. Chances of rain are high in spring, particularly in the UK.

Good jacket planning can make you feel ‘ahhhh’ or ‘uhhhh’. You’ll need a good denim or leather jacket, or casual blazer in a neutral tone that goes with everything. Either of these can be dressed up, down or layered, and are light to travel in. Of course, we always want to look chic when we’re away but sometimes practicality rules; Pac-a-macs are really cheap and small enough to store in the bottom of your handbag. Even normal waterproofs are also easy to roll up and take everywhere.

For your feet

For a weekend a couple of options should do: You will need a light pair of plimsoll style trainers (or comfortable sandals for the daytime if you’re lucky with heat), and something light and “worn in”, so you are comfortable walking all day. Whatever you choose you don’t want blisters! For evenings or dressier occasions, a pair of ankle boots will look great with casual jeans or dresses alike, a Chelsea boot style or even a pair of flats such as loafers, ballet flats or brogues. Again, neutral tones are your friend. Now is not the time to be cracking out the royal blue patent booties you’ve never had the guts to wear before. 😊

Suitcase bursting at the seams
Polka-dot and jacket

Easy throw on dresses

These are essential for a weekend trip, they're versatile and effortless to dress up or down. Check out our very own shift dresses, perfect day wear with trainers and a jacket. One of our printed midi dresses is an ideal day-to-night outfit. White plimsolls make the dresses look relaxed but stylish especially with a denim jacket; and a quick switch out to boots or heeled sandals makes an instant change from a day to night vibe. A midi skirt is also a great item when paired with a simple boxy t-shirt for a chic yet comfortable look for sightseeing.


Again the magic number here is two!

Leggings are just the best for comfort. It's worth investing in some good non-knee-saggers, with a thicker weave. When there's even a hint of skin colour showing underneath, they should be strictly for the living room. Travel in leggings with a long line blazer and feel at the ready for anything. Jeans might be predictable, but let's face it, nothing comes close to replacing them in our wardrobe. They're brilliant for smart casual looks whatever the colour.

Let layers be your friend

One minute you could be shivering from the cold as the evening falls and the next minute be baking hot when you go into a restaurant. Either way it’s infuriating and can totally ruin the fun, which is why layering up is really important. Carry a vest and a lighter cardigan around so you can slip them on when the sun goes down. Or take a cotton material sarong size scarf along for the ride. It’s a godsend if you’re cold on the plane (we’ve been there many times before), and you’ll be thankful you have it in your bag when the wind picks up.

Speaking of scarfs, let’s wrap it up

Packing light is easier than you think. Remember these three things:

  • Keep it simple; have dual-purpose garments that can take you from day to night, warm to cold, plane to café
  • Keep your personal items to a minimum. Have a few scarves or simple jewellery and a hat to add spice to your look
  • Keep thin layers within reach and interchange to extend your base garments

And of course, you can save even more space by rolling up your clothes or stashing underwear in your shoes. Practice minimalism on a few trips and you’ll be taking a single backpack in no time.

Whatever you do don’t forget your toothbrush!

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