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My favourite things about summer

Cornwall coast

What's the best thing about the summer months? The sunshine makes us all happy but I was thinking what else makes a perfect summer day? Being from Cornwall, I do love a beach but there are so many activities, sights and smells to choose from so here's my top 10...

  • The gentle hum of bumblebees while relaxing in the garden
  • Lots of daylight and those balmy light evenings relaxing in a pub garden
  • Going to the beach and the smell of sun cream
  • Swimming in the sea, especially after a long walk on a hot day
  • Walking barefoot on freshly cut grass
  • A BBQ with friends
  • Lying in a park and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face
  • Picnics and dining al fresco
  • Walking through wildflower meadows
  • Oh and wearing a dress (Obvs!)

What are your top things that you love about summer? I’m so excited for the warmer days now! 😄

Summer meadow
Clare sign off
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