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Fashion tips

Dressing for spring

Black floral mini dress with tights and boots

Dresses are not the obvious choice to wear in the colder months and just because spring is around the corner doesn’t mean the weather is any less wintery. Sometimes it’s a little hard to find the motivation to put on any outfit with more than two colours!

As more people are heading back to the office and we feel some glimpses of spring weather a dress might be something you consider more. Sometimes you just want to shake it up a bit! Here are some ways to get the most out of your dresses this spring!

One of the best ways to incorporate some colour and pattern into your early spring wardrobe is to wear a floral dress. Pair with tights or leggings and add a leather jacket. Black-based florals and darker colours such as deep greens or navy blues are always good and work well with tights. Maybe leave those white and cream-based florals until the weather warms up!

Midi dresses are great options as it starts to warm up with some long boots underneath so you can ditch those tights without bearing too much leg too soon! Add a jacket and you have a perfect night out or work option.

Black yellow midi dress with long boots
Tan mini dress long boots

Longer boots are also a great option if you have them to wear with a mini dress and will keep your legs much warmer and means you can be tights free! They obviously looked great on our model and I have considered a pair but I will definitely be going for something flat to look more chic in my forties rather than risking a Pretty Woman vibe!

To avoid your dress clinging to your tights, stick to cotton or viscose options rather than any synthetic fabrics that cause a build up of static. All our dresses are made from cotton or viscose which are breathable and comfortable to wear. Don’t be afraid to wear brighter colours too, you can keep the outfit toned down with a neutral coat and try adding a belt to accentuate your shape.

Mini dress belt jacket

Add a scarf over a jacket to keep you extra warm, particularly if the dress has a v-neck. It will pull together your outfit as well as keeping you warmer! If you still feel the cold, try adding a cami or vest under your dress or a slouchy jumper over the top.

You can also try wearing your dress over denim jeans. This might seem a throwback to the noughties, but the dress over jeans look appeared in a number of autumn collections on the runway so I thought I might give it a try! I admit I have not tried this until recently but it does give you another option. Stick with a floaty silhouette for the dress and keep to skinny or straight leg jeans. Have a play with it and see if it works for you!

Keep warm in a dress

Here’s to the spring coming our way soon!

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