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Pentlebay is based in Hertfordshire in the UK. All Pentlebay clothes are designed & stocked in the UK.


Behind The Scenes at Pentlebay

Pentlebay founder Clare at home

So I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little bit about me and Pentlebay; why I started the company and what I get up to day-to-day. 🙂

I’m Clare, 43, mum to Joseph and Mia.

Some facts about me…

  • I’m originally from Cornwall and love being beside the sea.
  • Pentlebay is named after my favourite beach on the Isles of Scilly, off the Cornish coast.
  • I live in Royston, Hertfordshire now and have lots of family here – including 14 nieces and nephews!
  • My favourite treat is chocolate or anything sweet! 
  • Anyone that knows me will say that I always feel the cold, I live for the warmer months! In winter, I am always found under a blanket or near the fire.
  • My favourite holiday was to Rome & Naples before we had children. I hope to take the kids back there one day!

How this all started…

I started Pentlebay a couple of years ago, but started working more on it during lockdown. And since leaving my job in clothing retail I am now working full-time, balancing this with looking after our 2 children.

The idea for Pentlebay was born after having kids, turning 40 and really having no idea where to shop anymore. I chatted to colleagues who felt the same and also wanted something original & unique to wear – rather than the top or dress that everyone else in the office had! I decided to use my knowledge of retail and a love of clothes and put this into my own project designing clothes that I would want to wear. I wanted clothes that would fit well, be made from natural, good-quality fabrics and be timeless so they can be worn for many years to come and still look great.

I do love a dress, particularly a midi dress which can be styled up or down and take you through season after season. They are an easy-to-wear, ready-made outfit and they always make me feel comfortable and stylish.

Pentlebay website on laptop
Pentlebay fabric selections


At the moment, I am working on some dress and blouse designs for autumn. I tend to get new ideas from magazines, social media and Pinterest, among others and also from talking to friends. I love selecting fabrics; I choose natural or sustainable fabrics such as cotton or viscose. I’m partial to a polka dot, ditsy florals and anything animal! All samples are made in my size so that I check the fit myself and then amend measurements accordingly. It’s a crazy time when we get a new order shipped to us; boxes everywhere and a lot of counting! We are currently waiting on some midi dresses for summer which will keep me busy when they arrive. I’m loving the selection of new fabrics and I am excited to get them photographed.


When we have the clothing, it’s time to get some lifestyle and detailed shots taken that we need for the website. The latest photo shoot we did was at a local studio, Creation Lab Studio, and we also got some lifestyle shots at Sheene Mill nearby. This is always a great part of the journey, getting to see your designs come to life with some great new pics for the website and social media. We are lucky where we live to have some great countryside and venues for the shoots.

Pentlebay photoshoot behind the scenes

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and all the new designs we have to come! Have a great week.

Clare sign off
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