Fashion Tips

Clare’s wardrobe go-to’s over the festive season

Let’s face it – this year has been a tough one when it comes to knowing what to wear. Most of us have traded our jeans for joggers and high-heels for slippers! Dressing up for work and nights out has become much less frequent for a lot of us. I have pulled together a few of the pieces from our collection that I currently rely on and mixed in a few wardrobe staples that will hopefully see you through the next few months of this work from home routine and beyond – when all the lockdowns have passed. I can’t wait! 😊 Enjoy…

The drop waist ditsy dress

This dress is so comfy and will go perfectly with some black leggings or tights in this cold weather. A chunky knit can be layered on top when it is really chilly too. I find it perfect to work from home and then relax in it later – after the kids are in bed – with a glass of wine!

Live… in leggings

I have to say I have rediscovered these over the last year and a good pair of black leggings are perfect to wear with one of our mini or knee length dresses instead of tights. They are comfy for working at home and look great with a pair of boots for the school run.

The midi animal print dress

On days when you feel like you have nothing to wear, you can still depend on a bit of animal print to make you feel better – and it looks great on everyone. A dress is also such a great throw on item, with no thoughts on how to coordinate an outfit. This dress is midi length so comfortable enough to wear indoors and the long sleeves make it very versatile in all seasons. If, like me, you always favour dressing up on Christmas day this makes a perfect option and is comfy enough to relax on the sofa later after a big meal! Add some tights and boots and you are ready to head out for a walk!

Chunky cardigan

A perfect partner to your Pentlebay dress during the colder months. I often wear a chunky cardigan with a dress and tights, as well as the traditional chunky cardigan and jeans look. It’s so easy to go back to jumper and jeans every day in Winter so putting on a dress makes me feel like I’m dressing up and making more of an effort!

Black pocket dress

Who doesn’t need a little black dress in their wardrobe? This is a casual dress for everyday but can easily go from day to night with some statement jewellery. It works for me in the daytime with leggings or tights and boots. It has some large pockets too – always something I love with a dress!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Christmas!

Top 5 tips on how to dress comfy yet stylish whilst #StayingSafeAtHome

Yes, we all have our days where loungewear and PJs are our favourite go-tos and the idea of “getting ready” isn’t appealing at all. Or we have days where we throw on an uncomfortable pair of jeans and faded tee…just because they’re there and they’re easy. We’ve all been there – and particularly through lockdown. But often, what we really  want is to be able to look chic, with relatively little effort, AND at the same time stay feeling comfy. Sound familiar? While we’re still mostly #stayingsafeathome, we thought we’d share a few tips and tricks on how to how to achieve both of these things – with ease and simplicity!


1) Say YES to the dress

We all need to take a break from wearing tight-fitting jeans or trousers, once in a while, or from pyjamas/onesies – now that the novelty is wearing off 😊. At Pentlebay we feel that dresses really can be that missing piece to the “what to wear” (whilst mainly staying in) puzzle.  Whether it’s a shirt dress or a printed midi dress… these are all incredibly comfy styles that will not only boost your overall mood but will have you looking dressed to impress all year round – both at home or out and about!

Shop our versatile range of dresses.

2) Wear fabrics that have you ‘feeelin’ good’

We all have our own personal tastes when it comes to the kind of fabrics that we go for and most enjoy wearing. Some of us prefer wearing cottons & linens, whereas others prefer silks and floaty fabrics. Whatever the clothing is that you’re wearing, just make sure the fabric suits you and your lifestyle. Fabric places a huge part in the comfort of clothing and can really change our mood, confidence and productivity; without us even realising sometimes.

3) Play wardrobe dress up & dress down… or a bit of both!

It’s also really important that we wear clothes that make us feel happy and confident in ourselves. Sometimes that means following trends, and other times it’s being a bit more experimental and not so conventional in our dress sense. For example, you can make casual clothes look dressy and vice versa. You can combine multiple materials and patterns to create different looks on different days. You can combine tight fit with loose fit etc etc!  The sky’s the limit! What we’re really trying to say here is just have fun, be creative, be YOU 😊.

4) Accessories can make all the difference

Sometimes, all that is needed is a pair of sparkly earrings, a sophisticated scarf or a fun pair of sunnies, to elevate an outfit and make it look more “chic”. EVEN joggers can look more stylish with the right kind of accessories or jewellery to match!

5) Treat yourself to some good quality basics

It goes without saying that basics should always be the fundamental building blocks to any wardrobe; so with this in mind, we’d recommend making sure that these are of a good quality. At Pentlebay we have a number of basic tees on our website that leave you feeling comfy and looking stylish. Our soft pink v-neck tee, with a rolled sleeve, is made from lightweight viscose fabric with elastane for added stretch.

Shop Now on our website: soft pink v-neck tee.

Thanks for reading, take care & have a lovely day!

Top 5 ways to flatter your shape

Have you ever wondered what you should be wearing to flatter your figure? Or are you un-inspired by your usual “go-to” outfit choices? Sound familiar? We’re here to help!

We’ve put together a list of 5 handy tips & tricks to consider when you next take a look at your wardrobe or (more excitingly!) when you next decide to purchase online! Feel free to mix ‘n’ match these tips based on your style, body shape and personality. Enjoy…

1) Identify shape & styles that are figure flattering

As we all know; fashion trends are ever-changing and it can sometimes be difficult to know how best to adapt them for our own individual figures. So, why not first of all identify if you’re a pear / hourglass / apple / athletic shape? There are multiple guides and tips across the web on this, but here are just a few dress style suggestions to get you started:

  • Pear shape: Try wearing “Fit & Flare” dresses
  • Hourglass shape: Try belted dresses (or add a belt!) …in shirt, wrap and fit and flare silhouette styles
  • Apple shape: Try smock or swing dress styles
  • Athletic shape: Try cinched waist dresses or dresses with embellishment or ruching 

2) Colour curate your wardrobe to suit your shape

Colour plays a hugely important part in fashion design & styling and some colours suit certain body shapes more than others. It’s generally thought that black is the most slimming colour to wear, followed by other darker colours such as brown, blue, grey and purple. Brighter and bolder colours are known to draw attention, so if you want to accentuate your favourite features why not wear bright colours (where suits) and then dark neutral colours when you want to downplay. Or if you’re wanting to make your figure look more curvy, white and other light colours are great for this.

3) Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

You can flatter your figure with fabulous accessories such as belts, necklaces, handbags and scarfs. Belts are a great way to break up the colours/prints of your outfit, highlight your waist, accentuate your curves and adapt the fit of nearly every item in your wardrobe. Whatever your shape, belts can become your new best friend and can be worn in so many ways! Scarves are also extremely versatile and can convey different looks to suit your fancy. Did you know that scarves worn loose are thought to elongate the neck and give you an overall elegant look.

4) Treat yourself to a little black dress

Say hello to Coco Chanel’s timeless classic – ‘the little black dress’. As Karl Lagerfeld once said “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” – which we think sums up the LBD just perfectly! So, if you haven’t already got one, what are you waiting for?! The LBD will never disappoint, it will be your BFF – adding a splash of everyday glamour to your wardrobe and, (as we mentioned earlier), black is a slimming colour too! What more could you want? 😊

Check out our Pocket Dress in Black

5) Wear (and earn!) your stripes

Although often understated, a striped top should be (and often is!) a staple go-to item in every woman’s wardrobe. This classic tee can be as chic, “going outy”, or casual as you like; depending on how you wear and style it. It’s widely thought (and previous research has shown), that wearing vertical stripes can make you look taller and slimmer. However, if we apply the Helmholtz illusion, it is horizontal stripes that are actually more slimming. The jury may be out on this, but one thing that we do know is that we LOVE a good stripe!

Check out our Red Stripe Cap Sleeve Tee

Outfit tips for a weekend away

Planning a spring break this year? Here is a useful packing guide to consider, before you start pulling the entire contents of your wardrobe onto the bedroom floor. Forget surplus clothes and mismatched outfits, here are some tips on how to get organised, pack efficiently and without those pointless ‘just-in-case’ items that never leave the suitcase.

Keep in mind all those important, constantly changing, bag weights if you are flying. If you’re driving, catching the train, the same rules apply – multi use items and less is more! With these tips we’ll aim to get you packed into a little 7Kg bag or less.

Whether you’re booking a trip to Amsterdam to cruise along the canals, staying in London to check out the art galleries, or having a girlie trip to Folkstone for blustery walks along the cliffs, look no further for some essential packing tips for weekend breaks this Spring.

No such thing as bad weather

You know that saying …no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes? Well these clichés are clichés for a reason. You may be able to predict that the weather will be mild during the day and drop a little in temperature at night, but always worth checking the long range weather forecast the week before you leave. Chances of rain are high in spring, particularly in the UK.

Good jacket planning can make you feel ‘ahhhh’ or ‘uhhhh’. You’ll need a good denim or leather jacket, or casual blazer in a neutral tone that goes with everything. Either of these can be dressed up, down or layered, and are light to travel in. Of course, we always want to look chic when we’re away but sometimes practicality rules; Pac-a-macs are really cheap and small enough to store in the bottom of your handbag. Even normal waterproofs are also easy to roll up and take everywhere.

For your feet

For a weekend a couple of options should do: You will need a light pair of plimsoll style trainers (or comfortable sandals for the daytime if you’re lucky with heat), and something light and “worn in”, so you are comfortable walking all day. Whatever you choose you don’t want blisters! For evenings or dressier occasions, a pair of ankle boots will look great with casual jeans or dresses alike, a Chelsea boot style or even a pair of flats such as loafers, ballet flats or brogues. Again, neutral tones are your friend. Now is not the time to be cracking out the royal blue patent booties you’ve never had the guts to wear before 😉

Easy throw on dresses

Black dresses are essential for a weekend trip, they’re versatile and effortless to dress up or down. Check out our very own pocket dress, or shirt dress in black polka dot. We had a lot of fun at our styling shoot with these two. White plimsolls made the dresses look relaxed but stylish especially with a denim jacket; and a quick switch out to boots made an instant change from a day to night vibe.


Again the magic number here is two!

Leggings are just the best for comfort. It’s worth investing in some good non knee-saggers, with a thicker weave – when there’s even a hint of skin colour showing underneath, they should be strictly for the living room. Travel in leggings and a long line blazer, and feel at the ready for anything. Jeans might be predictable, but let’s face it nothing comes close to replacing them in our wardrobe.    They’re brilliant for smart casual looks whatever the colour, but if its spring don’t be afraid of off-white, you’ll feel instantly sassy. Take a look at how they’re worn on our models in the frill sleeve top, this is a 90’s mum cut, but if you’re more of a skinny jean lady then don’t be afraid to stick with that cut, and still try the fresh white colour.

Let layers be your friend

One minute you could be shivering from the cold as the evening falls and the next minute be baking hot when you go into a restaurant. Either way it’s infuriating and can totally ruin the fun, which is why layering up is really important. Carry a vest and a lighter cardigan around so you can slip them on when the sun goes down. Or take a cotton material sarong size scarf along for the ride. |It’s a godsend if you’re cold on the plane (we’ve been there many times before), and you’ll be thankful you have it in your bag when the wind picks up.

Speaking of scarfs, let’s wrap it up

Packing light is easier than you think. Remember these three things:

  • Keep it simple; have dual-purpose garments that can take you from day to night, warm to cold, plane to café
  • Keep your personal items to a minimum. Have a few scarves or simple jewellery and a hat to add spice to your look
  • Keep thin layers within reach and interchange to extend your base garments

And of course, you can save even more space by rolling up your clothes or stashing underwear in your shoes. Practice minimalism on a few trips and you’ll be taking a single backpack in no time.

Whatever you do don’t forget your toothbrush!

Revolutionising fashion

Revolutionising fashion

Picture yourself going shopping on your own – you’re in the changing room for way, way too long, staring at your reflection in the mirror. You’re not sure. You’re wearing something you’ve been excited about buying, and you had a picture in your mind about how it would look and make you feel. Now you’re wearing it and… urghh… it’s obviously a bad day for this. It just doesn’t look the way you expected. Are you just carrying water weight? Is it a mean mirror? Does the spotlight hit precisely the wrong part of your body?

Now imagine the same scenario, but your best friend is with you. You put on the item and you have the same reaction. Except this time, you open the curtain, shrug your shoulders and your friend says “Nope, not for you hun“, followed by “What about that other one I picked out.”  You try that on instead and she’s right, it looks great and feels right – it just works on your shape better. Simple. You walk out of the shop with a spring in your step, you can’t wait to wear your new purchase.

If only fashion brands were like that. If only they were the ones who said – hey that’s not best for you, try this instead.

Revolutionising fashion

There are a million style guides out there that promise to steer you through the minefield of fashion, but truth be told they are still so alienating. There’s so much to get your head around, and there are new looks coming out all the time.

There have been numerous studies published that talk about how much emotion is tied up in the clothes we choose. We all know that what we wear is related to how we feel; a great outfit can make us feel better on the inside when we’re low, and an outfit we don’t feel great in can make us feel uncomfortable, fidgety and a bit lacklustre. Fashion shouldn’t give us riddles to be solved or add complexity to an already emotionally loaded situation, it should offer up fun options and exploration.

Pentlebay believes it’s time for a revolution. We don’t want to leave our customers reeling or confused about what works on them and what doesn’t. We want to offer them real, honest feedback about whether the cut of the dress was made for their body. Broad shoulders, muscly arms, small waist, short body, curvy legs – we have advice for every different shape and size.

Our research – with real women – is openly shown on our website where you’ll find our ‘Fit Assistant’ tool for a personalised experience. When you find a new item that you like, simply put your measurements into our tool and we’ll tell you the right size to buy for your body shape, tips on how to wear it or alternative products that may work better for you – so you’ll always feel stylish and confident in the Pentlebay range. You’ll also find ‘fit & style’ advice on all of our clothing pages to help you find the right item for you.

It might be that you go to buy a dress, and we talk you out of it – but that’s OK. We would rather have you walking around getting bombarded with compliments because what you’re wearing suits you, and you feel so great that you’re glowing.

The most important thing about clothing is that you should dress for YOU, forget what the latest craze is, forget that knitted midi pencil skirt you wish you could squeeze your derriere in, forget tucking your tee-shirt into high-waisted jeans. Wear whatever you feel great in, and what inspires you as you pick it out of your wardrobe.

Revolutionising fashion

We’re for empowerment, we’re for honesty, we’re for simple classic shapes with elegant twists that are timeless and will carry season to season, we’re for stress-less, and we’re on your side.

And like every best friend we’re here to listen. We welcome feedback, so if you have something you want to tell us about our clothing, about styles or patterns you wish we did, about needing something a little longer or shorter… fire away. You can contact us through our social media channels, or alternatively drop as an email at

At our launch we have worked closely with stylists and specialists to get their feedback and have taken that into consideration when designing our new range. Next time that suggestion we develop – could be yours.