What Mums Really Want for Mother’s Day

What Mums Really Want for Mother’s Day

Any mother is likely to tell you the greatest gift for her is that her children are healthy and happy. Or perhaps just a lot of coffee, sleep, peace and quiet! Since there is a whole day each year dedicated to celebrating these very important women in life, something special is key. Whilst it is always lovely for any woman to receive some beautiful cut flowers and a box of her favourite chocolates, let’s have a look at some alternatives for Mother’s Day. What does she really want, and more importantly need? And do we even have to spend that much money? Let’s step away from the ordinary and consider something less commercial. Here are a few ideas for you to think about for your own mother or indeed to get hint dropping to your children and partner for your own special day.


Gather your kids together and get crafting for their Grans present. What better way to give something from the heart than with a personalised handmade present the kids have helped with? Have a look at Pinterest or YouTube for plenty of tutorials. Materials are inexpensive as there are plenty of dedicated craft places these days. There is no excuse! Try making some soap or bath bombs with essential oils, or a macramé hanging or handmade jewelry. It could even be as simple as painting a picture or printing a photo framing it in a frame you and the kids made together. Your mother will cherish this gift for the time and energy spent towards making it a truly unique present and the children will enjoy getting involved for this project too.

Breakfast in bed

Mums spending the morning in bed? Never heard of it! You’re more likely to catch us up with the lark before everyone in the house already planning the day ahead. So, drop a few hints to your partner, convince them the gift of time to relax is the perfect gift, and have your family organise you breakfast in bed so you can have the morning off. It doesn’t even have to be fancy, a bowl of cereal or fruit and yoghurt, toast, jam and a cuppa. Read through the Sunday papers, relax and take your time getting up at your leisure, hopefully your partner will go the extra mile and take the kids out to the park for a bit, so you get blissful silence too.

Luxurious bath

Baths are so relaxing for aching limbs after a long day running around after one child or the other. Similar to the above, sometimes you may need to spell out what you need 😉 Have your partner prepare a deluxe bath and give yourself time to unwind in the evening. Suggest creating a spa-like space (again the kids can get involved with this): turn off the lights, light a few candles and drop in some lovely scented bubble bath, or even that bath bomb the children made! This whole indulgent experience will leave you feeling properly pampered and thought of. As well as giving you some peace to read the book that has sat on the bedside table for months.

Time with the family

Any mother would tell you that as much as they love their kids, being a parent can drive them to all sorts of limits, physically, mentally and emotionally, but equally, there is no better place than being back in the hub of the family. So, invite your whole family! Put your phones on airplane mode and truly devote time to concentrate on seeing each other for the whole day. Set aside a few hours to get outside in the fresh air or suggest a trip to one of your favourite places, have some lunch at the local pub and finish by playing a few games at home, sort of like a mini Christmas. And why not? Create some memories and ‘check-in’ with your nearest and dearest.

Something new

Mums rarely get the chance to think about themselves, let alone use a mirror to check how she is looking. It’s probably a case of throwing on leggings and a jumper from yesterday, pulling their hair back and getting to it. Some new clothes could be a lovely treat, particularly if you receive a voucher so you can take the time to choose. A new garment or two will refresh the wardrobe, and who doesn’t like that feeling that a new outfit gives? Pentlebay’s Spring collection will be launching soon, just in time for Mother’s Day – mums get the hints in there. Now is the perfect time to browse through what we have to offer. It is also a good chance to clear out some old clothes and add some nice new pieces in there.

Hopefully this list will help you focus on what is important when showing your mother and yourself (!) the love you both deserve after all the hard work you’ve done over the years.

We wish all you mums a very Happy Mother’s Day and whatever you decide to do, have a lovely day.

Love PB. x