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Revolutionising fashion

Revolutionising fashion

Revolutionising fashion

Picture yourself going shopping on your own – you’re in the changing room for way, way too long, staring at your reflection in the mirror. You’re not sure. You’re wearing something you’ve been excited about buying, and you had a picture in your mind about how it would look and make you feel. Now you’re wearing it and… urghh… it’s obviously a bad day for this. It just doesn’t look the way you expected. Are you just carrying water weight? Is it a mean mirror? Does the spotlight hit precisely the wrong part of your body?

Now imagine the same scenario, but your best friend is with you. You put on the item and you have the same reaction. Except this time, you open the curtain, shrug your shoulders and your friend says “Nope, not for you hun“, followed by “What about that other one I picked out.”  You try that on instead and she’s right, it looks great and feels right – it just works on your shape better. Simple. You walk out of the shop with a spring in your step, you can’t wait to wear your new purchase.

If only fashion brands were like that. If only they were the ones who said – hey that’s not best for you, try this instead.

Revolutionising fashion

There are a million style guides out there that promise to steer you through the minefield of fashion, but truth be told they are still so alienating. There’s so much to get your head around, and there are new looks coming out all the time.

There have been numerous studies published that talk about how much emotion is tied up in the clothes we choose. We all know that what we wear is related to how we feel; a great outfit can make us feel better on the inside when we’re low, and an outfit we don’t feel great in can make us feel uncomfortable, fidgety and a bit lacklustre. Fashion shouldn’t give us riddles to be solved or add complexity to an already emotionally loaded situation, it should offer up fun options and exploration.

Pentlebay believes it’s time for a revolution. We don’t want to leave our customers reeling or confused about what works on them and what doesn’t. We want to offer them real, honest feedback about whether the cut of the dress was made for their body. Broad shoulders, muscly arms, small waist, short body, curvy legs – we have advice for every different shape and size.

Our research – with real women – is openly shown on our website where you’ll find our ‘Fit Assistant’ tool for a personalised experience. When you find a new item that you like, simply put your measurements into our tool and we’ll tell you the right size to buy for your body shape, tips on how to wear it or alternative products that may work better for you – so you’ll always feel stylish and confident in the Pentlebay range. You’ll also find ‘fit & style’ advice on all of our clothing pages to help you find the right item for you.

It might be that you go to buy a dress, and we talk you out of it – but that’s OK. We would rather have you walking around getting bombarded with compliments because what you’re wearing suits you, and you feel so great that you’re glowing.

The most important thing about clothing is that you should dress for YOU, forget what the latest craze is, forget that knitted midi pencil skirt you wish you could squeeze your derriere in, forget tucking your tee-shirt into high-waisted jeans. Wear whatever you feel great in, and what inspires you as you pick it out of your wardrobe.

Revolutionising fashion

We’re for empowerment, we’re for honesty, we’re for simple classic shapes with elegant twists that are timeless and will carry season to season, we’re for stress-less, and we’re on your side.

And like every best friend we’re here to listen. We welcome feedback, so if you have something you want to tell us about our clothing, about styles or patterns you wish we did, about needing something a little longer or shorter… fire away. You can contact us through our social media channels, or alternatively drop as an email at

At our launch we have worked closely with stylists and specialists to get their feedback and have taken that into consideration when designing our new range. Next time that suggestion we develop – could be yours.